National Astronomy Month 2023

Organized by Spacetrix Aerospace Organization | ISRO registered Space Tutor

About Program

Spacetrix Aerospace, a registered and recognized space tutor of ISRO, is proud to announce the launch of the “Vikram Sarabhai National Astronomy Month Program.” planned for the month of August and September 2023. This unique initiative aims to ignite the curiosity of young minds about space and astronomy, while also celebrating the remarkable contributions of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, the visionary founder of ISRO and the father of the Aerospace program in India.

Objective: The primary objective of this program is to introduce the wonders of astronomy and space exploration to students from class 1st to class 10th. 

Registration Process: Schools from any country any educational board are invited to register for the Vikram Sarabhai National Astronomy Month Program. 

The Vikram Sarabhai National Astronomy Month Program by Spacetrix Aerospace promises to be an unforgettable learning experience for students, inspiring them to look up at the stars and dream big. By fostering a love for science and space exploration, this program aims to contribute to the bright future of space research in India. Let us join hands in celebrating the legacy of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and nurturing the budding astronomers and scientists of our nation.

Detailed Specs

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Students from Grade 1st – 10th grade can participate.

Schools from any country/board can register for the Astronomy Month program 2023

We have successfully conducted Astro-Fest 2022 in schools of almost every countries like India, Nepal, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah etc. We have recently conducted this program in Dunes International School Abu Dhabi, Eicher School Faridabad, Ambassador School Sharjah etc.

STEP 1: Register your school by filling out the school registration form below.

STEP 2: Following registration, we will send the students’ circular and the complete programe or activity details to the email address provided on the registration form.

STEP 3: The school must publicise the program and distribute a circular so that interested students can register.

STEP 4: The school needs to share with us the name and grade of the total number of registered participants in an Excel sheet. We require a minimum of 25–30 students from a grade, or overall around 150-200 students’ participation, to host the program.

STEP 5: We ask the school to share some tentative dates for the program, which we confirm after the submission of the registration fee. The bank account details and invoice will be shared after receiving the list of participants from the school.

STEP 6: Once the fee is received, we confirm the dates, and our team will visit your school to conduct the programme on the dates agreed upon by the school and our organization.

The registration fee for the Astro-Fest will be shared on the registered email id post school registration.

15th Aug 2023 to 30th September 2023

We request school to block the date for this program from the tentative dates shared above. The program can be conducted on any day including holiday, saturday, sunday etc.

The dates will be provided by our organization on first come first serve basis.

School Registration Form

Kindly fill the form below to register for the National Astronomy Month Program 2023 planned for Aug/Sept 2023. After registration our team will share complete details of the program on your email id filled in the form below:


School Registration Form - Vikram Sarabhai program
For Example - Delhi Public School, India
Our team will connect you soon to answer your questions/queries. The program details will be shared through the email and WhatsApp within 12 hr of registration.
For Example 98757XX499 | 9987XXX345

Previous Successful Program – Astro-Fest 2022

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  • Program in 185+ School.
  • 20000+ students Participated.
  • 25+ International School Participated.


Want to organize Vikram Sarabhai Astronomy month program in your school?

Register your school before 20th Aug 2023 | Click & fill the School Registration Form. The detailed information for the program will be shared after school registration. Register today & block the program date.

Limited to 100 school Registration only.

For more information, Connect us at or or WhatsApp us at +91 9891-81-84-87

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